Ya tenemos disponible el nuevo firmware NVIDIA Shield Experience 8.1.1 oficial para el modelo NVIDIA Shield TV 2019. Sin duda estos son los dispositivos AndroidTV con el mejor y más prolongado soporte que ha existido nunca. El firmware NVIDIA Shield Experience 8.1.1 basado en el sistema Android TV 9 Pie una gran cantidad de correcciones y nuevas funciones añadidas como el correción del problema en cambio automático de espacio de color, soporte para el nuevo servicio de streaming Disney+ y una actualización del firmware del control remoto.

  • Video/Display
    -Resolves issues detecting Dolby Vision TVs that also support HDR10+
    -Resolves brightness issue on TVs that support Dolby Vision and HDR10+
    -Resolves cast playback issues when switching between HDR and SDR content
    -Fixes bug where Dolby Vision would not be detected when connecting to some LG or Samsung soundbars
    -Fixes bug where screensaver would not be displayed in Netflix
    -Fixes bug where “Match Color Space” was not working properly on some TVs
    -Fixes stutter issue observed when playing interlaced video for ~15 minutes
    -Fixes system hang issue when enabling/disabling “Match content color space” while playing Dolby Vision content on Netflix
    -Reduces occurrences of red flashes when watching Dolby Vision content
    -Fixes bug where “Match frame rate” would not work on Dolby Vision content
  • Audio
    -Disabling “Fixed Volume” will now disable Dolby audio processing
    -Fixes bug where Atmos streams would still be detected even if non-Atmos content is played
    -Fixes bug where audio would not be heard on Vizio TVs when streaming from VUDU/Movies Anywhere
    -Fixes bug where audio popping would be heard on headphones when Dolby audio processing is enabled
    -Resolves issue with high bit rate audio dropping audio at fixed locations. Note: This fixe will apply to apps using SHIELDs audio engine like -Plex/Photos & Videos. Kodi has its own engine which has not fixed this bug yet so the fix will not apply to Kodi and apps like it.
    -Adds 16-bit DAC support for Dolby Decoded content
    -Fixes bug where audio passthrough was not available over USB DAC on 3rd party apps like KODI (Requires KODI 18.5 or 18.6 nightly builds)
    -Fixes bug when manually setting “Audio formats” would not be applied
    -Fixes bug when using Google Home where volume would be reduced but not restored
    -Fixes rare bug where IR volume control would stop working
    -Resolves audio routing issues when using multiple USB devices (e.g. webcam + USB DAC)
    -Adds support for Sanskrit USB DAC
    -Fixes bug where PCM would be streamed if Dolby ATMOS is manually selected in “Available Formats”
    -Displays correct audio stream name under and adds detection support for EAC_JOC(DD+) streams (Settings -> Status-> HDMI ->Audio Mode)
    -Fixes bug where audio would not play after enabling PCM output only mode (Available formats)
  • Network
    -Fixes issue transferring large files when connecting PC to SHIELD
    -Fixes bug where soft reboot would be seen when “Restart Wi-Fi” was selected
  • Accessories
    -Adds support for XBOX Elite 2 controller
    -Add bluetooth support for WeChip G30 remote
    -Adds IR volume control support for Logitech Z906 speaker system
    -Fixes crash issues when accessory update notification is seen
    -Fixes bug where IR control setup would fail on Samsung AVR/soundbars
    -Fixes bug where IR control would not function when Talkback is enabled
    -Fixes bug where IR volume control would stop working when enabled
    -Fixes bug where remote locator would not work when SHIELD is asleep
    -Improves volume control for 2015 remote and controller
    -Fixes SHIELD Remote 2019 bug where battery would drain quickly when IR control enabled
    -Fixes bug where “send Menu command to app” was not working properly
    -Resolves pointer issue when using RS mouse on network captive portal registration
    -Fixes rare bug where pressing power button would not sleep SHIELD if video is playing
    -Improves SHIELD stability when connecting multiple Bluetooth devices
  • Other
    -Fixes bug where “Dolby Vision” quick setting is not updated according to display setting
    -Channels DVR app can now store recorded content over NAS
    -Fixes bug where pre-installed apps would disappear
    -Fixes issue where long press home would not bring up NVIDIA Share
    -Fixes bug where settings would crash when selecting system language
    -Adds message informing user AI upscaling not available on rooted/unlocked devices
    -Fixes bug where “Ok Google” hotword activation requires reboot
    -Resolves rare bug where Netflix would crash when invoking app switcher (double press home)
    -Improves text when displaying most recent SHIELD wake event (Settings -> About -> Status -> Uptime)
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