EmuELEC v4.6, lanzado con nuevas características y compatibilidad

Ya podemos descargar una nueva versión del emulador EmuELEC v4.6 que Incluye soporte para los procesadores Rockchip RK356x y Amlogic S905X4 compatible con algunos TV-Box.

En esta nueva versión tenemos actualizaciones para los Cores (los núcleos de los emuladores) y se ha mejorado el soporte para muchos sistemas, aunque los resultados pueden variar dependiendo de nuestro hardware. También se han corregido pequeños errores y compatibilidad con adaptadores Wifi.

Para esta versión hay que usar una tarjetas SD o USB de 8 GB como mínimo, ya que ahora la partición base de la instalación ya ocupa nada menos que 6 GB.

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Tutorial de instalación de EmuELEC v4.6

Lista de cambios EmuELEC v4.6

  • fakeroot: bump to 1.28 (from no-longer-existing 1.27) by @JohnnyonFlame in #884
  • Update libretro core cap32 by @miwasp in #886
  • Update hypseus-singe to fix some games by @miwasp in #887
  • Bump RigelEngine to latest version by @miwasp in #889
  • Fix audio stuttering in lzdoom again by @miwasp in #888
  • Multiple controller mappings – iNNEXT USB and PlayGame USB by @nwildner in #840
  • dev joy advmame fix – 1 controller controlling 2 players and more bug. by @Langerz82 in #891
  • Fix for mpv not compiling on OGA/OGS/GF by @miwasp in #919
  • fix fs-resize would break on 4GB drives, and EEROMS was not properly formatted on USB drives by @7Ji in #921
  • RK356x: update uboot for firefly devices by @shantigilbert in #926
  • EE-ES Multidisc creation support. by @Langerz82 in #923
  • implements installtointernal via a new package ampart by @7Ji in #928
  • introduce new emmc installation method aminstall by @7Ji in #930
  • Remove duplicate PKG_VERSION in bstone package.mk by @miwasp in #938
  • mount_romfs.sh: rewrite to properly support 2-partition layout by @7Ji in #942
  • ampart: bump version f0c3cc44; aminstall: misc fixes and better migration of EEROMS by @7Ji in #943
  • mount_romfs.sh: ensure /storage/.update is always mounted as long as EEROMS is valid; mount EEROMS when user-defined storage-roms.mount failed by @7Ji in #944
  • Misc packages fixes by @7Ji in #946
  • Revert RTL8812AU to previous version by @miwasp in #947
  • poppler: bump version 32fa288 (22.06.0) and deps fix by @7Ji in #948
  • jslisten: add systemd as dependency as it includes libudev.h by @7Ji in #949
  • emuelec-32bit-libs: fix typo PKG_BUID -> PKG_BUILD by @7Ji in #951
  • exfat-linux: seperate from linux to save build time by @7Ji in #950
  • Misc depedency fixes (qt-everywhere, ampart) by @7Ji in #953
  • Introduce actual multilib support by @7Ji in #956
  • Flycast Textures folders by @Kelvfimer in #960
  • Fix typo description heart of darkness by @Kelvfimer in #959
  • DuckStation Textures – Modify emuelec-dirs add /roms/psx/textures by @Kelvfimer in #958
  • lib32: optimize, behaviour change and mali fix by @7Ji in #957
  • Updating duckstation to the latest working version by @Kelvfimer in #967
  • Adding symlink logic in duckstation.sh to redirect to texture replacement by @Kelvfimer in #966
  • Add PKG_NEED_UNPACK to lib32 packages that need it. by @shantigilbert in #971
  • fheroes2: fix controller not working; SDL2 cleanup by @7Ji in #974
  • Fix assets dir in devilutionX by @miwasp in #976
  • fs-resize: raise storage size to 6g, allow omitting eeroms manually by @7Ji in #979
  • eemount: introduce package & change mount logic by @7Ji in #980
  • eemount: bump 4adf3138; init: fix disabled systemds units by @7Ji in #983
  • eemount: bump 2321603 by @7Ji in #984
  • force overwrite file on unziping files by @lihexali in #989
  • Update Emulators 4.6 by @Kelvfimer in #1013
  • lib32-libdrm: keep up with generic-libdrm by @7Ji in #1016
  • ffmpeg: fix dep x264; lib32-ffmpeg: switch to openssl by @7Ji in #1019
  • options: raise default ccache limit to 20G by @7Ji in #1022
  • package emulator advmame – patch for vsync to work with the fps. by @Langerz82 in #992
  • Bump bstone to latest by @miwasp in #1023
  • Update emulators 46 part 2 by @Kelvfimer in #1018
  • emulator – duckstation standalone – game controller autoconfiguration by @Langerz82 in #994
  • [Feature] Cloud Loading and Saving for retroarch auto saves and state saves. by @Langerz82 in #997
  • EE – joy common – controller – order fix and revision by @Langerz82 in #936
  • Check resolution fixes, Setres overhaul, cvbs fix other resolutions people could not see. Borders option added. AdvMame Exit Display Fix. by @Langerz82 in #1021
  • Update es_systems.cfg by @miwasp in #1054
  • Update 99-emuelec.conf by @miwasp in #1055
  • Set Resolution – Fixes by @Langerz82 in #1058
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